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People biking/walking, make awareness your top priority

People biking and walking need to be especially alert to see people driving. According to AAA, taking your eyes off the road/sidewalk, even for two seconds, doubles your risk of getting into a crash. Traveling by bike or foot requires your full attention.


  • Complete all personal tasks before or after getting behind the handlebars or walking out the door.

  • If you are traveling with a friend, ask for their help to remind you which business you wanted to take care of after arriving at your destination that would otherwise distract you from biking or walking safely.

  • Keep your eyes on the road/sidewalk and your hands on the handlebars and off your cell phone. It is legal in Oregon to use a wireless device while biking or walking, but we highly discourage it.

Drive safely

"Dress" yourself and your car brightly, to make it easier for others to see you.


  • Have the right car lights. By law you must have two white lights in front and two red lights in the back, before sunrise and after sunset. But don't stop there, add more than what's required!


  • Invest in proper paint. Bright surface paint such as sparkle and metallic now come in neon colors with reflective materials.


  • Get creative. Put reflective stickers or tape on your hood, rims, bumpers and trunk. Light your car up!

Highly valuable safety statements

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It's easy to transform your car into a beacon of light. Check your gas station for options.

To increase your alertness at night, slow down and refrain from looking at your phone (not texting at all is a safety plus!). And, while owning a brightly-colored or flourescent vehicle is the better option compared to a dark vehicle, including reflection to your everyday commuting car is essential to visibility during low-light hours.


There are lots of ways to add shine:


  1. Replace the paint of your car and accessories with reflective material. It's common to find reflective material within paint and accessories such as doors, side mirrors, rear spoilers, hoods, wheelwells, rims and wipers. Look for these items with a high amount of brightness and reflective material.

  2. Add a reflective sheet of fabric over your regular paint job. It's easy to throw a reflective piece of fabric or strap over your vehicle. You can find these items at construction, outdoor, sports and vehicle stores.

  3. Slap a reflective band on your side mirror, antenna or rear spoiler. Using reflective slap bands is a really easy way to add reflection to your vehicle. These show 90° movement, which can be seen from one angle (the more the better!) and is more likely to attract the attention from people biking and walking. Some bands include lights, which is even better.

  4. Add reflectors and lights. Add flexible reflectors with Velcro to wipers, bumpers, 'Baby On Board' stickies, wheels, door handles and rear spoilers. Lights come in all sizes—there are ones specific to standard cars and work trucks, and smaller ones for Smart cars, trailers and roof racks. The possibilities are endless.

Changing seasons is a time to step up your alertness

Drive more. Save less.

Show us how you’ll stay alert and visible when it’s dark out, and you could win a TriMore 1-Month Supply of Gas, a Rain Anytime sunroof, driving hat or driving gloves, and gift cards from Citationmaster, PDX Drive-in Movie Theater and IRE.


Enter now!

Look up.

Slow down.

      Be alert.              Be aware.            Save lives.

Bright Ideas


Disclaimer: the above campaign is a parody (because why would we actually address the root cause of most traffic fatalities/injuries?) - no prizes will be given out.

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